Frequently Asked Questions

▶ Can you tell me about your car wash system? 
Brecksville Car Wash is a touch free car wash. After your automobile is lathered in presoak foam, it goes through a high pressure clean cycle. Before your wash is over, our sophisticated filtration system provides a final, spot free rinse. This means that any remaining water droplets will evaporate "spot free".

▶ What does touch free mean? 
Touch free means that the only thing that touches your vehicle will be soap and water. This eliminates the risk of damage to your vehicle.

▶ How does my car get dried? 
At the end of your wash, you will drive slowly under four high-powered dryers. Any water that remains on your vehicle will dry spot free.

▶ Do I have to pull my car onto tracks? 
No, our car wash is track-free. Pulling in is as easy as parking your car. For added ease, put your vehicle in "park" at the start of your wash, sit back and relax!


▶ How long does a car wash take? 
All levels of car wash take 2.5 minutes from start to finish. The drying cycle takes an additional 60 seconds.


▶ I have a large truck. Can you accommodate my vehicle? 
We can accommodate dual-wheel pickup trucks and work vans under 7'6" and crew size pickups with an 8' bed.


▶ Do you offer additional services, such as detailing? 
Yes, please check our Services or contact us to book an appointment. We also have two self-service vacuums on site.


▶ What are your payment methods? 
We accept cash, all major credit cards and Brecksville Car Wash gift cards.

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